• We successfully launched a new e-commerce platform for one of the top providers of accounting, payroll and business management software in Romania.

What we did
Responsive Website
WordPress Development
WooCommerce Development
Speed Optimization
  • We redesigned the client’s website, working closely with their team through all stages of the implementation
  • We built the website on WordPress and used WooCommerce to power the online shop
  • We used a WordPress theme to speed up development and lower the total cost of the project so it can fit in the client’s budget
  • We fixed issues with existing plugins and created additional custom plugins for new functionality
  • We implemented a set of complicated pricing rules, so we could match all the different scenarios that were part of CIEL’s offer to their clients
  • We integrated credit card payment through the MobilPay payment processor
  • We implemented a Live Chat through which visitors can ask questions to CIEL’s customer support
  • We implemented several caching and speed optimization techniques to make sure the website loads very fast

How it started

Our client is one of the top providers of accounting, payroll and business management software in Romania, with over 25 years of experience. They have more than 30.000 customers and over $5 million in yearly revenue. In addition to stable and easy to use software, they also provide the most complex customer support services for their clients.

In August 2015, we were approached by their marketing manager, to help them finish their soon-to-be new website, which they had been working on for a while together with a different agency. Somewhere along the way, the previous agency realized they couldn’t finish the project according to terms, so they dropped it.

The Problem

CIEL are one of the biggest sellers of accounting, payroll and business management software in Romania, yet you couldn’t purchase any of their products and services online. All their sales were being completed offline, by sales agents or through partners.

Their current website was only used for presenting information and it looked dated, unfriendly and was hard to navigate. CIEL knew they were behind others when it came to their online presence and they had been working on a new website, but the people they recruited to get the project done got stuck and had to give up halfway through.

The new website needed to be completed soon, which meant both a successful redesign and the implementation of a custom shopping cart to be able to sell their products online.

This was not an easy thing to do, as CIEL had a set of very complicated rules to make sure they cover all their clients’ needs, which was good for them and their customers, but at the same time it meant a lot of work for us and we had to find ways to implement them all at the same time.

We knew CIEL were feeling a little defeated, because those rules and their implementation were the primary reason why the previous agency got stuck and had to abandon the project, but we were feeling confident we can make it through and couldn’t wait to get started with the project.

Our Solution

First, we got the project brief and were able to take a look at the work-in-progress website to see what had been done before. The new website had come pretty far along the way, but still needed a substantial amount of work to make sure everything worked perfectly and to be able to successfully launch it.

We had an initial meeting with key people from the company so we could better understand the products and services they are offering and what is the image they want to project to their clients.

Together with Ana-Maria, we studied the work-in-progress website and identified what things were working as intended so that we would keep them. We then used Google apps to make an aggregator to keep track of all the the things that still needed to be built, fixed or improved.

We finished and refined the design of the website, making sure all the information is clear for the visitor and easy to understand. We did our best to make sure every page and element matches the look and feel that our client desired.

We focused on customer-centric design principles and reorganized many of the pages so they would become more sales and conversion oriented. We wanted to make sure our potential customers find it easy to navigate through and complete the sales process in as few steps as possible.

We built the website on WordPress and used WooCommerce as the shop platform. We had to make adjustments to the way the products were set up and also implement a set of complicated pricing rules into it, so we could match all the different scenarios that were part of CIEL’s offer to their clients.

During this whole process we worked closely with the CIEL team to validate some of the most important decisions before implementing them.

We thoroughly tested everything each step of the way, paying special attention to speed optimization and security

After implementing the pricing rules, we helped set up a new payment gateway for the users to be able to purchase products through.

We successfully delivered the final website, matching or over-delivering on all the requirements of the client.



We had to take a work-in-progress website and be able to successfully turn it into a finished product that perfectly served the needs of the customers. We had to adapt to an existing scenario, while also making sure to deliver a final product according to specs.

We had to implement a complex set of pricing rules, making sure everything works as it should, while also making it easy for the customer to follow the process and understand how his invoice was calculated.

We were able to complete the project when others couldn’t, and also work under a tight deadline. The project took a huge amount of creative and intellectual effort in order to fit everything together.

The client appreciated our business approach to design and the fact that we were able to help them successfully launch their products and services online.

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